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Victoria LoCascio

(1) Résumé—Cover Letter—Reference List—LinkedIn Profile

Hiring managers and recruiters initially spend less than 30 seconds scanning your résumé and cover letter. Your documents need to leave a quick, positive impression. They must be completely error-free, persuasively worded, and professionally formatted.

  • As a Certified Professional Résumé Writer and an expert in hiring practices, Ace Your Interview president Victoria LoCascio writes your résumé and cover letter to showcase your skills and abilities as well as your results and achievements.
  • As a Certified Negotiation Expert, Victoria crafts your résumé and cover letter to convey value to potential employers, garnering you the highest possible salary.
  • As a Certified Professional Search Engine Optimization Expert, Victoria ensures that your technology-friendly documents have applicable keywords woven throughout them to increase the likelihood of successfully passing through recruiting management software.

Victoria also creates a page with the same heading as your résumé for you to use for your cover letter and reference list so that all your documents match the style of your résumé. Finally, Victoria will provide you will a document explaining how to update your LinkedIn profile so that it matches your résumé, and she will create a personalized heading (the line underneath your name) for your profile that contains keywords pertaining to your background. Having all your interview documents match in terms of professionalism and quality ensures that you present a unified image to potential employers.

(2) Group Coaching and Individual Interview Coaching

As a Certified Interview Coach and a Certified Negotiation Expert, Victoria coaches Ace Your Interview clients to excel during all stages of the interview process. Learn how to navigate the job search process and improve your chances of landing an interview, a job offer, and a high salary in this fiercely competitive market. Work one-on-one with Victoria in person, via phone, or via Skype/Zoom. If you have a group of 20 or more people, you may book Victoria for a customized in-person seminar for your group.

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